Behind the Mask: Volunteers Shine Light Throughout COVID-19

The success of the Good Food Bus would not be possible without the support of dedicated volunteers.


When she is not creating art or exploring with her daughter, Briana spends her time volunteering at our Sydney Mines markets.

“After seeing the joy it brought to the community, I knew I wanted to volunteer with the Good Food Bus,” says Briana. “Putting forth positive vibrations into the world returns them back times three.”

Briana encourages people in the CBRM to visit community markets as we are all deserving of help and access to affordable, fresh food during these difficult times.


Nidhi has always cherished opportunities that push her boundaries and allow her to gain new experience.

“After reading a post about the Good Food Bus on social media, I jumped at the volunteer opportunity,” says Nidhi. “Being an international student, it allowed me to connect with the community.”

Living by the words of her mother, Nidhi was taught to give back to those around her. She believes that when given the opportunity to do something good, one should seize it.

“No matter how much or how little you contribute, the feeling you get in return is priceless,” she says.


Barbara has been dedicating her time to various volunteer opportunities for many years. After hearing about the Good Food Bus through the Cape Breton Post and online, she was intrigued by how she could help offer affordable, healthy food to individuals in her community.

As a vegetarian herself, she is aware of the cost that comes along with purchasing fresh fruit and vegetables.

“Kindness can make the world better,” says Barbara, which is why she enjoys doing her part to increase food security in Cape Breton. “I would encourage people to shop at the Good Food Bus because it is fresh and affordable.”


An avid gardener and traveller, Ruchika was a perfect fit for the Good Food Bus volunteer team. She was inspired to volunteer with the Good Food Bus by the opportunity to meet exciting people and give back to the community.

“For me, inner peace comes when you help people without expecting anything in return,” says Ruchika.

She encourages others to shop at the Good Food Bus for the reasonable prices and newly introduced selection of local fruits and veggies.


After hearing about the Good Food Bus project and the impact it has on the health of our community, Maraiza was inspired to volunteer.

“I love eating salads with lettuce and lots of vegetables,” says Maraiza. “The Good Food Bus enables me to have a choice in the fruits and vegetables I eat.”

Besides being affordable and beneficial for your health, Maraiza says that each food item is packaged with great love and care.

“I am happy to be able to promote healthy eating to those who visit the bus and volunteer with a great group of people,” she says. “Congratulations to everyone involved in the project”.