Alice’s Table

Filling a Family Need in Cape Breton

Cape Breton Island is known world-wide for its natural beauty, its gifted musicians and writers, and its friendly people who have maintained their diverse cultural traditions for centuries. But the history of Cape Breton is also the story of a struggling community that has experienced severe economic and social crisis for generations. Today one in three children in Cape Breton live in poverty. More than 60% of the Cape Breton households experiencing food insecurity are employed. For those working for minimum wage or accessing income assistance, the $935 a month it takes to feed a family of four healthy nutritious meals is simply out of reach.

Good nutrition is fundamental to healthy individuals, healthy homes, and healthy communities. Good nutrition is linked directly to good physical health and good mental health and consequently both our quality of life and our longevity.

Alice’s Table sets out to nourishes both the body and the spirit. It aspires to give parents, families, and children the tools they need to prepare and serve healthy and affordable meals. Through a series of workshops each year, it sets out to reintroduce and embed in families the knowledge required to plan, purchase and prepare good food on a modest budget. In the process it builds culinary skills, confidence, and families.

Alice’s Table is funded by the MacCormack Family Trust. This Trust was created in 2015 to honour the life and legacy of their late mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, Alice MacCormack.

Alice MacCormack: A Spirit of Generosity and of Home

Weighing just two pounds and given little chance for survival, Alice was born prematurely in a farm house one month after her young father’s tragic death. Forced to give up the farm, her widowed mother moved the family to Whitney Pier. While Alice’s frailty led to her leaving school at an early age, she would blossom into a beautiful young girl. An avid swimmer and diver, at 15 and just to prove she could do it, she swam the choppy waters of Sydney Harbour from the Pier to North Sydney.

She met and married her husband Doug, together raising ten children whose upbringing became the prime focus of her life. Alice’s 24/7 domain was her kitchen where she sang as she scrubbed, washed, mended, cooked, baked and mentored, overseeing her children’s homework, always insisting on their taking responsibility for their own actions. The fact that all her children went on to post-secondary education bears testimony to this.

Her keen wit, generous smile and enduring compassion gave comfort to the needy and troubled. A selfless mother and mentor, Alice passed away in 2014 just a few months shy of her 100th birthday, leaving behind her cherished and grateful 10 children, 27 grandchildren and 40 great-grandchildren.

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